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Sunbird Flowers was established in 1986, as a grower, wholesaler and exporter of fresh cut flowers.  The company has become one of the larger groups in the cut flower business in South Africa, with branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Sunbird trades in a large range of flower crops, including numerous varieties of chrysanthemums, lilies and proteas.  For the production and International Marketing of chrysanthemum cuttings, the Company has a joint venture with Sunfield B.V. in Holland.

Sunbird’s flowers are grown in modern greenhouses, under shade netting and in the open, on a 90 hectare farm near Johannesburg.

For products which Sunbird does not grow, the company supports a number of dedicated independent flower growers, to whom it also provides technical advice on the growing and packaging of flowers.

To ensure the quality, freshness and vase life of all products, the Company has trained staff who monitor production and implement strict control procedures.

The philosophy of Sunbird Flowers is to build a business dedicated to excellence in all areas at all times, with special emphasis on honesty, reliability and quality, with lasting and meaningful relationship with its customers and suppliers.

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